What is GetSway?

GetSway is a free-to-join for social media influencers to post free listings for their services to brand advertisers. GetSway’s platform provides a systematic way for advertisers to easily find, compare, hire, and securely pay verified influencers.

Is GetSway free to join?

Yes, GetSway is free-to-join for influencers (sellers) and advertisers (buyers) to register. Sellers may post free listings (services) for purchase by advertisers. Once an advertiser (buyer) selects a service, GetSway collects money via secure third-party payment gateways like Stripe and transfers funds to an influencer’s account which may be cashed out upon request. GetSway collects a commission from the influencer and a processing fee from the buyer.

How does GetSway work for influencers?

Influencers register for free and post free listings (services) for advertisers to purchase. Once registered, users must verify their account via email confirmation. Next, influencers may “List a Service” to create a searchable listing on GetSway’s website, and be available to receive orders from advertisers. After an order is accepted by an influencer, funds are held in escrow by GetSway from the advertiser until the job is completed by the influencer. Upon successful completion of an order influencers (sellers) submit their job for approval to advertisers (buyers) who then approves the order as completed. Once the order is approved, then payment of the order is transferred to the influencer account in GetSway. Influencers may then request a cash out from GetSway. Cash may only be distributed to an influencer’s verified third-party payment account like Stripe or PayPal.

How does GetSway work for advertisers?

Advertisers (buyers) register for a free account and may search influencer (sellers) listings to find and compare verified influencers’ services. Advertisers may then communicate and offer an influencer to complete a job based on an agreed-upon scope of work and price. Once an influencer accepts an offer from an advertiser, funds are transferred from the advertiser until the order is successfully completed and approved by the advertiser. Once accepted, funds are transferred to the influencer’s account in GetSway. Buyers are charged a transaction fee per order.

How are influencers verified?

Influencers must register to use the platform, and are required to verify their account via their email before posting listings.

What are GetSway listings?

Listings are services for sale posted by influencers for brands to purchase to promote them through social media accounts to their audience members.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, your credit card information is secure because we only use secure third-party payment gateways like Stripe, and never save any of your personal credit card information.

How do influencers get paid?

After an influencer (seller) completes a service and an advertiser (buyer) approves the service as approved, payment is credited and made available in the user’s account in GetSway.

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